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  • My name: Jenny Age: 28 years old

    I'm from: GB United Kingdom

    City of: South chelsea

    I'm need: a male 27-70 years old for relationship

    About me: without children

    Some words about myself: am looking for that someone who can be my best friend,soulmate,my lover and is able to communicate with me. If I don't know what's broke I can't fix it, and in return I don't need someone who will argue and fight if I point out a problem I believe that romance is a very important part of the relationship. I enjoy men who are confident with themselves and are not afraid to express themselves in a diplomatic way. I think it is very important that two people want the same thing in a relationship. I believe that this should be discussed and communicated clearly when two people first meet. I do not believe in wasting my time or the other persons time because life is too short. I believe each person should be allowed to be who they are and to be free to give their best for each others mutual benefit. I do not like controlling men who do not communicate well and have agendas or excessive previous baggage. I like men who I can have a good conversation with and we can communicate in a mutually beneficial way. I like men who are interested in exercise and physical fitness. I like men who read to improve themselves and find value in self help books I have a good sense of humor and like to laugh. On rainy days I like watching an old movie with some popcorn with that someone special. like ,watching romantic films, reading ,walking on the beach, intellectual conversations, Holding hands with a man and having a nice day(s) out...I have been described as someone who love's to experiment in the kitchen, and hopefully it will turn out to be something great! I am not a gourmet cook, but I sure do try to come up with something newI do drink on social occasions. Concerning sexuality, I am not a promiscuous woman. My desire is to be faithful to the man I marry. If partner's behavior, I believe many problems can be resolved. I am a one man woman . I d two people love each other and will communicate what they like and do not like about their o not do drugs, do not abuse alcohol and do not play head games.

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